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Some hurts don’t completely heal.

My phone rang last night and I went to answer it as I always do, except caller I.D. said it was my brother. One who abused me , one who still scares the hell out of me. I didn’t answer. … Continue reading

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72 days of summer. (Could be triggering)

Purple crocus, yellow daffodils, and red tulips herald the changing of the seasons. As kids get ready chant the old saying about no more teachers no more books but then then it happens. School ending was a very scary time … Continue reading

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Just when I think I have all the answers!

So sometimes I think I have all of the answers…or at least the right answer. In my last post I spoke about being triggered by a client. I wanted to save her because part of me was saving that little … Continue reading

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Who am I saving?

Some days it is harder than others to be a survivor. Sometimes life presents us with situations that make it difficult to determine if I am helping myself or helping another person. As a substance abuse counselor, it is difficult … Continue reading

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The world may dictate what we do, We decide who we are!

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